This weeks photo challenge is Textures. Photography is a primarily visual medium, but we can experience it with more than one sense.


Threshold: Faith in the Light of Dawn – Monochrome

Threshold: Faith in the Light of Dawn - Monochrome


Foliage in the Grass

Foliage in the Grass


Snow Patterns

Snow Patterns


Slats and Shadows

Slats and Shadows


Pine Cones and Patterns – Monochrome

Pine Cones and Patterns - Monochrome


Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm


Summer on the Chicago River

Summer on the Chicago River

Summer on the Chicago River – Black and White 


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People Are Like Skyscrapers

People and Skyscrapers


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Two people sharing a moment of Chicago urban scenic beauty from Michigan Avenue at the Chicago River.

Life, like skyscrapers, we are created, serve our purpose, then move out of the way for the next era. Because we are humans, though, we have the benefit of absorbing the beauty of the buildings we create.

Some buildings last longer than we do. Though, if we play our cards right, the impact we make while we are alive can last for generations …. longer than buildings.

Life is God’s gift to us, what we do with our lives is our gift to God.




Wood Bench and Yellow Flowers

This week’s photo challenge is Satisfaction. To share something that brings me satisfaction.

Recently I post processed a photograph that I made in the wetlands of a bench with yellow flowers.  I become very surprised with the end result, and this brought me tremendous satisfaction. I posted a work in progress on Instagram to illustrate the transformation.

Below is the final artwork:

Wood Bench and Yellow Flowers


Hope you enjoy this scene as much as I enjoyed creating it!


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By the way, I’ve started a new project.  I’m making select moment in time photographs of my home town. I’ve created a new WP site to share this project, check it out!

Enjoy your day!



No Time to Rest

No Time To Rest ....

A person on a bike rides past a bench at a park.

For the WordPress weekly photo challenge, Unusual, using the HDR effect on a photograph is something I’ve never done until now.  I kind of like it now.