The Greatest Source of Happiness

The Greatest Source of Happiness

“The moment you begin to worry about the things you want and the things you don’t have in life, is the moment you will lose your gratitude. The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times”. -Zig Ziglar

I love this quote, not only because it’s so true, but because it is a good reminder that worry will not get you anywhere and is a waste of time.  Many of us are too hard on ourselves, and it’s important for us to respond to opportunity, rather than react to challenges. 

I also love this picture, and it’s sense of scale of the person walking down the path into the woods of opportunity and discovery. 

Be happy ….. Enjoy your day!


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Jane M. Byrne Plaza – Chicago

Jane M. Byrne Plaza

The Jane M. Byrne Plaza is the plaza surrounding the historic Chicago Water Tower, on North Michigan Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. USA.

It is a place to soak in the atmosphere of the surrounding architecture of the Magnificent Mile shopping district. Here I captured the morning light as pedestrians pass through.

Jane Margaret Byrne was the first and only female mayor of Chicago.


Window Washer City of Chicago

Reflections of a window washer on State Street in Chicago Illinois.




A view through a window of a young man doing homework on a Windows computer.



What Dogs Teach Us

What Dogs Teach Us

The other day my wife and I went to our Son’s school open house. As we were walking down the hall another set of parents looked as us as if they knew us. In fact, I started to ask myself if I know them! Then the wife approached us and said “We live on the block that you walk your dogs …. you have two beautiful dogs who are well trained”!

This happens more often than I wish to admit. Have you ever been known because of your dog?! Many people know us, but we don’t know them … because they can look out the front window of their houses and see us with the dogs, though we can’t see them.

So, this got me to thinking. In the window of life, for example, children learn more from our actions than from our words. … and, just like dogs … you never know the reflection that you make on others.



Pipes and Lines

Pipes and Lines - Vibrant

One thing I like to do with my photography is to find elements of the every day, often seen but not noticed.

Here is an example with this abstract art photograph of pipes, lines, and layered colors of paint, and a touch of vibrant light and shadows to add good measure.


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