Lakes, woodlands, ancient sand dunes, native prairie, picnic grounds, and Scout facilities make up the 193 acres of the Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve, located outside my back yard, about 23 miles south of Chicago, Illinois – USA. Throught the preserve are several bridges that serve as a link to the pathways and trails.

It often feels like walking on water as I walk across the bridges, the water only a few inches below my feet.

Likewise, in the City of Chicago, are several bridges that span down the length of the Chicago River. Each one holds a unique personality, with their own viewpoint of this iconic urban landscape.

The strength of these structures, as old as they are, still carries the weight of busses, cars, and people crossing them, yet also raise up to allow boats to pass underneath.

A bridge to me is symbolic of having faith, because they lead to destinations, or possibilities, sometimes not seen but hoped for, that often create opportunities. No matter what our experiences in life, Jesus has the strength and the way if we only trust in Him to lead the way. Our struggles only strengthen our faith to strive for what we believe in. 

With this post I’m returning to a weekly photo theme. It’s been a while since I”ve posted on this blog consistantly, so I invite you to enjoy this project as I bring to it a new perspective, possibilities, and new opportunities yet to be reveald.

If you have not subscribed to get notifications of new posts, you can do that on the side bar. I plan to post each week provided the them is something I have content for.

With that said, find below the installment for ‘Bridge’ which is this weeks theme. Click the available links to view larger or buy prints or gifts, or for image licensing. 




Bridge - Lower Lakeshore Drive at Navy Pier Chicago.

Bridge – Lower Lakeshore Drive at Navy Pier Chicago





Vertigo Chicago

Vertigo Chicago


Chicago Wind

Chicago Wind



Sunday Afternoon


Wetlands Trail - Color

Wetlands Trail – Color


Chicago Morning - Monochrome

Chicago Morning Commute – Monochrome



Summer on the Chicago River

Summer on the Chicago River


Photographs © 2017 Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved



7 thoughts on “Bridge

    • Glad you like them. It’s something I learned back before digital, with film and printing in the darkroom. I’m glad you mentioned the word ‘graphic’, because a good black and white art photograph firstly needs to have a strong composition. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your day.


    • Yes, John, color plays an important role in the photo as part of the story telling. I usually keep the colors in when it completes the story. Removing the color usually adds to the mood and focuses on the context of the photograph.


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  2. Love your work in general but especially these Chicago shots. I was born there but we moved to San Diego before I could really learn about the city. I’ve always been curious about my birth state and city. Thanks.


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