Photo Series: Home Sweet Homewood

I’m working on two photo projects that I’d like to share with you in one post. First is an blog about my home town. The second is a series of pictures of the scenic view from my backyard.




Moments in time photographs of Homewood, Illinois.


I’m born and raised in Homewood, just can’t seem to leave. So I’ve decided to put my skills to work and give back to this town in a small way from all that it has given me and my whole family for over seven decades. The rest of the story you will see through my pictures.

My only motivation for this project is that my love for Home Sweet Homewood goes deep.

I’ve done daily photo projects before, and realize how brutal it is to come up with a picture every day that creates interest and brings viewers back for more. So, I’ve decided to share simple day-in-the-life moments in time, that make lasting impressions, as the moment catches my eye.

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Burning Cloud


Same Location. Different Day – Views Outside My Back Door.


This project I have to admit was inspired by my friend Jo Ann Tomaselli.  The sky is always changing over the trees outside my back door. Because my back yard connects to the 193 Acres, lakes and trails, of Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve about 25 miles from Chicago, Illinois – USA. Not many in town here are able to enjoy such a vantage point, so I count my blessings with each photo I make.

I’ve collected the shots and added them to an Album on Flickr here. I have to say that not two days look the same. Sometimes you don’t even recognize it’s the same location. The one element you will mostly see is the very tall pine tree as a reference point.

Before I was married, my (future) wife and I would often travel very early in the morning to the Chicago lakefront to watch the sun rise. In the bitter cold winters she would stay in the car with the donuts and hot coffee, and I would travel by foot to capture pictures during the morning blue hour through the golden hour, and then we’d head home (most of those images are on Kodachrome)

Well, after the wedding and children there was less and less time to shoot the city sunrise, and I always thought of going because I missed doing it.  A bit over a decade ago when we moved into our present house, little did I know that it came with such views for not only sunrise, but sunset as well. And I save the time and gas driving to the city to boot!!

I hope you enjoy both of these projects that I’m sharing with you today, and that they give you hope of God’s love.

Frank J Casella, Photographer


via Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme



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