Autumn Air

Autumn Air    The cool Autumn breeze transforms the colors in the trees, the change of seasons, and brings with it hope for the future … much like the seasons of life.

Image made at Izaak Walton Preserve, Homewood, Illinois.

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Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind  The transition to Winter as the colors and leaves fall from the trees. And speaking of colors, I love these browns and golds, and the deep golden sunlight.

The winds of change really do bring much beauty when we look for it.

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via Photo Challenge: Transformation


Photo Challenge: Experimental with App Cameras


via Photo Challenge: Experimental

Have you noticed how many Social Media apps have cameras? You know, you hit the picture button and it gives you the option to upload an existing image or to take a new picture.  Well, I wondered what the difference is between them when you make a picture. I’ve also heard how these cameras in the apps make the camera in your phone work better.

So I started to play with the camera feature in the Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and LinkedIn apps. I made pictures in many forms and types of light, and I played with the filters to process the pictures I made.

All of these did a very good job, but one app camera really pulled my interest and was very fun to play with. That would be the Flickrapp camera.  Because the colors it reproduced were more real, the filters had more useful options, and the sharpness of the images didn’t need more clarity during processing.

The camera on my ZTE Maven 2 Smart Phone already has professional photography features, and I feel the camera in the Flcikrapp improved the whole process that much more.

I’m going to try to use this as much as I can!

This is all experimental of course, and you may have different outcome than I have. If you’d like to see the picture here larger, to ‘pixel peep’ maybe, you can find it here on my Flickr.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends

via Photo Challenge: Temporary

It’s important to have family and friends. Sometimes, though, our friends are more like family, and our family can be more like friends. It all depends on what we need from … or give to … each other.

The people around us the most influence where and how we go in life, and us with them. So, it’s wise to pick and choose who we spend most our time with.

Life is too short …. temporary.


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Fire Burst

Fire Burst

The morning sunlight peeks out from the clouds.  The branches I think look like they’re burning up.

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